Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Coeliac disease in Type 1 diabetes

When I think of coeliac (celiac) disease and the various names attached to research on this exquisite sensitivity to gluten, I think of a few names with a good publishing track record in this area. First name out of the hat is Mario Hadjivassiliou. Second is David Sanders. Without turning this post into some idol worship, when I see new papers appearing from one or other of these guys, my interest is piqued.

So when this paper from Leeds and colleagues* appeared bearing both names on the author group, I was interested. When I saw that the paper was also looking at another autoimmune condition, type-1 diabetes alongside coeliac disease (CD), I was even more interested.

The main facts from the Leeds case-control study are:

  • The prevalence of CD in their cohort of people with type-1 diabetes was 3.3%. Although there is still some debate about prevalence of CD in the general population, it is generally accepted to be currently around 1%. Interestingly, 3.3% is exactly the prevalence of CD in cases of autism described in this paper from a few years back. What a coincidence. 
  • At diagnosis of CD, type-1 diabetes seemed to be associated with a higher prevalence of retinopathy, nephropathy and peripheral neuropathy. Some of these conditions have been noted in 'gluten sensitivity' alone.
  • Glycemic control was also worse in the diabetes-CD group, accompanied by lower HDL (good guy) and total cholesterol.
  • A gluten-free diet is generally well tolerated by individuals with CD and comorbid type-1 diabetes. 

I am excited by this research. Excited because as well as linking two autoimmune conditions, the genetics of which are starting to receive some attention, it extends into some other areas already discussed on this blog that may affect quality of life and importantly, longevity.

* Leeds JS. et al. High prevalence of microvascular complications in adults with type 1 diabetes and newly diagnosed celiac disease. Diabetes Care. September 2011.

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